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    مدیریت سایت نیازمندی 747 ضمن خیر مقدم ، تمام تلاش خود را جهت تبلیغات اینترنتی پر بازده برای شما معطوف ساخته است ........ از اینکه ما را جهت ثبت آگهی و نیازمندی ، تبلیغات و بازدید انتخاب نمودید کمال تشکر و قدر دانی را داریم

Sadra Sanaat Engineering Co.

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Sadra Sanaat Engineering Co.

 is the first manufacturer of high diameter chains (36 to 55 mm) for use in

marine ports and fenders.
Producer of rubber shock absorbers and fenders in different sizes

Manufacturer of parts made of polyurethane
Ruffling in two methods, cold and hot, with every one and every thickness for metal and metal tanks
Manufacturer of various types of polyurethane for industrial and mineral applications
Manufacturer of bollards for berths, boats and bulders

Address: Iran Isfahan Imam Khomeini Street, not reaching Kian Pars Upper floor of Delnavaz Restaurant



00989198653794(Mr. Talaei)